IMG_2810Such a simple word. Trust. It’s phonetically spelled, easy on the eyes and ears…. It appears straitforward on paper and conceptually. But oh, can it be elusive! 

As parents, having and keeping trust in ourselves and our children can be a task. We compare our successes (large and little) to others, judge our mistakes harshly and maybe have too much varied information at hand. The perfect storm for dismantling trust in ourselves. We often can’t see the behaviors of children as the messages they truly are, we sometimes feel personally thwarted or exhausted or embarrassed by our children or their behaviors and we are busy. We are so very busy. 

But this trust is essential. Growing and protecting it is not difficult but takes practice and intention, especially in this age of easy “information” (read: comparison, confusion…) If you can make impartial observation a part of daily practice, you will find that reasons to trust yourself, your parenting AND your children are there. 

The good old scientific method, revised for parenting outside of a Petri dish: observation+analysis+action=trust. 

To be continued…



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