IMG_1755It seems appropriate to think about independence today. For children, it’s a big, long journey full of ebbs and flows, victories and fall backs. They start early in the search for it and change the battle plan regularly. It’s a struggle fought both inwardly and visibly. 

Once a young child understands that she is an individual, separate for her mother and the world around her, the desire to gain and explore independence is born. By the time she’s a toddler, it’s a demand, a crisis, an all-out subconscious battle cry for freedom in any and every form. She searches out allies. Sometimes, she battles them along with her foes. But treaties will be made, lines of power established and the intensity will simmer. For a while. 

I’d like to celebrate the little soldiers of will and the parents who watch them fight. To the grown-up allies who help them know they are capable, beautiful people who are an important part of their world, who help them learn their value as well the value of compromise and discipline, I salute you. 


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